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Eco-Friendly Poured-In-Place Rubber Coverings

Welcome to Eco Shield Rubber Surfacing, based in Penticton and serving the BC Interior. We use recycled and new rubber granules to create beautifully paved driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, stairs, playgrounds and more.

Our Services

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Residential Rubber Paving

By resurfacing driveways, concrete pads, walkways, decks, and other areas with our eco-friendly rubber paving, you can enjoy a durable and weather-resistant rubberized surface that adds value to your property.

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Commercial Rubber Paving

Our services include resurfacing commercial driveways, hallways, curbs, steps, concrete pads, garage floors, trailers, playgrounds, sports surfaces, and common commercial areas.

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Indoor/Outdoor Rubber Paving

Rubber paving provides a safer and more cost-effective alternative to concrete or asphalt, especially in rainy conditions.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

“The greenhouse effect” occurs when greenhouse gases or carbon emissions in our atmosphere traps some of the heat from the sun that would otherwise dissipate, raising the Earth’s temperature. Reclaiming, recycling, reusing and repurposing rubber materials is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and thereby mitigate global warming. 

The Eco Shield Advantage

When you re-surface your floors with our premium recycled pour-on rubber solutions, you not only get a durable floor covering superior to asphalt/concrete, but you will also help to prevent additional greenhouse gasses being emitted from the production of new rubber compounds.



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Recycled Rubber Paving Is A Win Win Strategy

Rubber paving saves thousands of tires from traditional disposal by recycling them for use in our superior rubber paving surfaces. With our eco-friendly and cost effective rubber paving, you will benefit with a durable rubberized surface that is made for the Canadian weather and improve the value of your property. Request a quote with us today.

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